What can I do as a property owner to help?

The CSD has been successful at increasing assessments in other Benefit Zones when residents ban together to form a community champion group to help educate fellow neighbors about park funding, and the current lack of funding.  The CSD will work with these community champion groups on educational material, and community meetings.  Once there appears to be enough community support, staff can present the information to the Board.  The desired outcome would be a successful ballot vote.  

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1. Why have service levels and maintenance at the parks in the Elk Grove West / Vineyard Park area been reduced?
2. How will the service level cutbacks affect the maintenance of parks in Benefit Zone 3?
3. Which parks are impacted?
4. How are park maintenance costs funded?
5. What do you spend the assessment you do collect on?
6. What caused the funding shortfall for park maintenance in Benefit Zone 3?
7. Why does it appear that Jordan Family Park is still being maintained at a higher level if the benefit zone has no funding?
8. Are park maintenance services being reduced at parks in other parts of the District?
9. Why has the basketball hoop at Amundson Park been taken down?
10. What are potential solutions to closing this funding gap and restoring service levels?
11. What can I do as a property owner to help?