Can I wear a shirt or other clothing when swimming?
No. All swimmers must wear proper swim attire, which includes male/female swim suits. Water shirts or "rash" guards are allowed for sun protection and safety. No street clothes including: cut-offs, unapproved shorts, sweatpants, tank tops or other non-water shirts are permitted in the pool.

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1. Do I have to pay admission if I am not swimming, just watching my child, or if there is limited time left during Recreation Swim?
2. Can I wear a shirt or other clothing when swimming?
3. Are water wings, flotation devices, or floatation devices that are built into swim suits permitted?
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10. If my child becomes ill during swim lessons is there a make-up day?
11. How deep is the pool my child will be in for swim lessons?
12. Is there a requirement before a patron is allowed to swim in Deep Xtreme or Big Kahuna and go off the diving boards?
13. What are the requirements ride slides at Wackford Aquatics Complex or Elk Grove Aquatics Center??
14. Are food, drinks, coolers, umbrellas or BBQ’s allowed inside the facility?
15. Are goggles, fins, or snorkels allowed in the pool?