The Cosumnes Community Services District strives to achieve sustainability by allocating staff and resources based on sound operational practices to ensure long-term operation and maintainability.

Climate Action Plan / Sustainability and Adaption Plan (CAP/SAP)

The District has contracted with Raney Planning & Management (Raney) in the preparation of Climate Action Plan/Sustainability and Adaptation Plan (CAP/SAP) for the Cosumnes Community Service District. This is a strategic level plan which will guide the District’s future decision making in regards to environmental sustainability of its operations. The plan includes the efforts the District has and can take to reduce its Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions and mitigate, to the extent feasible at the local level, the potential impacts of climate change.

The goal of the CAP/SAP is to outline actions, such as increasing energy efficiency in buildings, encouraging less dependence on automobiles, and using clean, renewable energy sources to improve air quality, reduce emissions, and enhance the quality of life of the communities the Cosumnes CSD serves. 

Community Outreach 

Raney Management and District staff held a virtual community outreach meeting on July 29, 2020 to discuss the CAP/SAP and receive feedback.  The Final CAP/SAP will be presented to the Board of Directors in August 2020 for approval.