Magnet Fishing

Magnet Fishing Derby

Join Cosumnes CSD for the first-ever Magnet Fishing Derby at Elk Grove Park Lake! This is a free event for children ages 5 to 15. Participants must be supervised by a parent or guardian. Event is rain or shine. 

Participants may bring their own equipment, or purchase from the District for $20. A neodymium magnet with an eyebolt, at least 20 to 30 feet of rope or paracord and cut resistant gloves are recommended.


Magnet Fishing Derby

What is Magnet Fishing?

Magnet fishing combines traditional fishing with treasure hunting. Fishers cast their magnet into a body of water, hoping for a bite from the submerged treasure beneath! It may seem strange, but magnet fishing can provide many benefits to the environment as well as eager treasure hunters:

  • Casting and retrieving your magnet can be a great workout.
  • Removing metal debris from our waterways can help clean the environment.
  • It’s an opportunity for friends and family to get outside and enjoy the outdoors.
  • Finding submerged treasures may spark a newfound interest in local history.

Where Can I Magnet Fish?

There are currently no restrictions on magnet fishing in Elk Grove, but please keep safety in mind when choosing a location. Avoid fast-moving currents and be sure to tell someone else where you’re magnet fishing. Bridges can provide a safe location to cast-off from. Be mindful of the wildlife and avoid disturbing their habitat.

What Do I Need to Magnet Fish?

One of the attractive aspects of magnet fishing is it’s a relatively simple and inexpensive hobby to begin. Three basic pieces of equipment will get you out on the water:

  1. A neodymium magnet with an eyebolt. Be sure to use a thread adhesive when attaching the eyebolt to your magnet so that it does not unscrew itself.
  2. A length of rope or paracord, just 20-30 feet is enough to get started. It’s important to attach the rope to your magnet using a strong knot, such as a Palomar knot.
  3. Cut resistant gloves will protect your hands while handling potentially sharp and/or rusted pieces of metal.