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Residents of Elk Grove enjoy award-winning recreation facilities, including over 1,000 acres of park and open space and 18 miles of trails. These facilities are constructed and maintained by the Cosumnes Community Services District.

Cosumnes CSD relies on two different funding sources to build and maintain these community assets. Money for park construction typically comes from impact fees paid by developers when they build new housing. Money for ongoing park maintenance comes from property owners, who pay an annual Landscape and Lighting (L&L) benefit assessment, which appears as a separate line item on their annual property tax bill.


Fall 2021 Projects

  • Basketball Court Renovations - Outdoor basketball courts will be resurfaced and repainted.
  • Walking Path Repairs - Decomposed granite paths will be filled and leveled.
  • Irrigation Pump Intake Maintenance - The irrigation pumps at Elk Grove Park and Camden Creek Greenbelt will be inspected and cleaned.
  • Landscape Renovations - Missing or poor performing plants will be replaced in landscaped corridors throughout the District.
  • Soccer Field Renovations - Soccer fields will be aerated, amended and seeded.
  • Tennis Court Renovations - Tennis courts will be resurfaced and repainted.

Look for this sign in your neighborhood!

Your Assessment at Work Sign

Report a Maintenance Issue

  • Call (916) 405-5688 for Urgent Park Maintenance / Security Issues (safety hazards, broken playground equipment, water/sprinkler issues).
  • Complete the Online Form for Non-Urgent Park Maintenance Issues