Morse Park Recreation Center Planning

A new recreation center is being planned at Morse Community Park to serve the East Franklin area and all of Elk Grove. Community input is vital to the success of this project. 

In July, the CSD conducted community outreach including three community meetings, five focus groups, 12 stakeholder interviews, and 251 intercept surveys. A total of 372 people provided dozens of ideas for activities and amenities for Morse Park Recreation Center. 

Now the CSD is asking the community to rank its top activities and amenities by completing a brief online survey.

Top Activities & Amenities Online Survey

Available September 1 - 25, 2019

The Elk Grove community is invited to take an online survey to rank their top amenities and activities for inclusion at the Morse Park Recreation Center. Survey results will be included in the Morse Park Recreation Center Feasibility Study.

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Keeping You Informed

On this page, we will share project milestones, what we’ve learned from the community, and next steps in this exciting project.  Please help us by sharing this page (and the survey!) with your neighbors, friends and family. 

Stay Connected

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  • Directly contact the Project Manager, Fred Bremerman, via email or phone (916-405-5300) for any additional information.

Frequently Asked Questions

To help answer questions that commonly are asked, the Cosumnes CSD has compiled a list of Frequently Asked Questions.

Morse Park Recreation Center Feasibility Study

Project Background

The 2018 CSD Parks and Recreation Master Plan identifies a multipurpose recreation center at Morse Community Park. The East Franklin area is built out and now is the time for development planning to begin. The center should be similar in scale to the Wackford Community Center, but with a distinct identity and potentially more gymnasium space. The center should be designed to integrate with Morse Community Park and surrounding development. Construction funding is available from Park Impact Fees, Landscape & Lighting Assessments, and Quimby Fees. Operational costs will be evaluated and confirmed in a business and operations plan as part of the feasibility study. Typical timing for a project of this size requires three to five years for planning, design, and construction.


  • June 2019: The CSD Board approves an agreement with GreenPlay, LLC, to produce a Morse Park Recreation Center Feasibility Study. This ensures the facility will include the right amenities and uses for cost-effective operations and long-term sustainability.
  • July 2019: Community outreach begins by asking the community to share their ideas for the Morse Park Recreation Center. Dozens of activity and amenity ideas are collected from 372 people. See the Public Input Summary (PDF) for more details.

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  • September 2019: An online survey allows the community to rank the top activities and amenities to include in Morse Park Recreation Center.

Upcoming Steps

  • Findings and recommendations presentation to summarize community input, recommend programming, address demographics and trends, and identify the best and highest uses for Morse Park Recreation Center. The public will be invited to participate in the discussion which is tentatively scheduled in late October. 
  • Development of facility concept drawings, capital budget, and operating budget.
  • Feasibility Study presentation to the CSD Board of Directors. Tentatively scheduled for March 2020.