Elk Grove Park Wildlife Protection

Fishing Moratorium

The Cosumnes CSD will enact a temporary ban on fishing in Elk Grove Park Lake from June 3 through November 18, 2019. Fishing is being prohibited during this 6-month period to allow the District an opportunity to develop a wildlife protection plan.

The wildlife in Elk Grove Park - primarily ducks and geese - are being injured, and in some cases killed, by improperly discarded fishing-related debris.

Canadian goose standing on the grassy banks of Elk Grove Park Lake

Wildlife Protection Plan Survey

Working with the community, the Cosumnes CSD intends to develop a plan that will allow lake fishing once again while protecting the wildlife that make Elk Grove Park their home.

Through June 27, 2019, the CSD is asking residents to participate in a brief, 10-question Wildlife Protection Plan Survey. 

Your opinions count! Take the 2-minute online survey now.

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