Concussion Policy

Cosumnes CSD recognizes the potential danger and long-term health consequences of this often difficult to diagnose form of traumatic brain injury. This policy is intended to provide easy to understand guidelines related to participants who have been diagnosed with or are suspected of having a concussion.

This policy applies to all Cosumnes CSD Youth Sports programs and is for all players, coaches, parents, staff and officials.

Removal from Play – “When in Doubt, Sit them Out”

If a participant exhibits any signs, symptoms, or behaviors that he or she may have had a concussion, that participant must be removed from all physical activity for the remainder of the day. The participant’s parent or guardian must be informed that they had a suspected concussion and what signs or symptoms were observed and any treatment that was provided.

*Whenever there is an apparent head injury, CSD staff will call 911 to have the participant(s) checked on. The participant or their parent or guardian may refuse treatment from emergency personnel once they arrive. 

Return to Play 

Following a suspected concussion, the participant can only return to play with permission from a health care professional and a written clearance to return to athletic activity.

Concussion Information Sheet

A concussion information sheet will be available to all coaches, parents, players and staff detailing the definition of a concussion, how to prevent concussions, signs and symptoms of a concussion and what to do if a child has a suspected concussion. 

•    Concussion Information Sheet (PDF)

Concussion Training

All coaches and staff must complete an annual concussion training. 

For more information on concussions and training please visit the CDC Heads Up Concussion program.