Morse Park Dog Park Upgrade

Morse Park Dog Park is located in Morse Community Park at 5540 Bellaterra Drive. This project is part of a District-wide plan to update CSD dog parks.

Community Outreach

Community outreach was held on July 10, 2018 to discuss and generate ideas for the design of Morse Park Dog Park. A conceptual plan was created with the following amenities:

  • Shade shelter in large dog park area
  • Shade shelter in small dog park area
  • Increase size of small dog area
  • Cobble bioswale with fence to help with drainage
  • Increase size of concrete plaza for portable pools
  • Add concrete pathway in both large and small areas
  • Add more seating with seat walls and benches
  • Add 30 additional trees for shade
  • Reduce the size of the hill in large dog area so that grass can recover quicker
  • Add planting areas as a buffer in the front entrance and perimeter
  • Add additional trash receptacles
  • Add natural agility play elements for dogs
    • Climbing boulders
    • Climbing logs and hollow log tunnel house
    • Balance beam

Construction Updates

  • Estimated start date: July 15
  • Construction will last approximately four months
  • A temporary area north of the existing dog park will be set aside  for small dogs only
  • Additional large dog parks are located at Laguna Community Park and Elk Grove Park
Morse Park Dog Park Conceptual Plan
StepPlanning PhaseTimeline
Step 5Design Development and Construction DocumentsFeb. / Mar. 2019
Step 6Plan Review and PermitsMar. 2019
Step 7Bid and AwardApril / May 2019
Step 8ConstructionJul. - Oct. 2019
Step 9EstablishmentDec. 2019
Step 10Open to the PublicJan. - Feb. 2020

Questions? Contact the CSD Park Development staff.