Benefit Zone - District Wide

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Benefit Zone Information

The District Wide Benefit Zone benefits the District as a whole, in addition to Bartholomew Sports Park, Camden Creek Greenbelt, Elk Grove Park and Rau Park. These four parks total 207 acres and are packed with many high-use assets that are used by the public on a continual basis.

Expenses for parks in the District Wide Benefit Zone are shared by all CSD residents, rather than being placed solely on the Benefit Zone where the park is geographically located. Each of the other Benefit Zones (not including the overlay zones) carry the burden of these parks proportionally based on acreage.


Below are the projects we anticipate completing in the 2018-2019 fiscal year. Projects are subject to change due to weather and/or unforeseen budgetary changes.

  • Sidewalks will be repaired or replaced throughout the zone.
  • Landscape bark will be applied to planter beds in areas where the landscape bark has thinned out.
  • Landscape renovations to replace missing or poor performing plants resulting in beautified CSD landscape areas in Elk Grove Park, and Bartholomew Sports Park.
  • Softball/baseball infields at Bartholomew Sports Park (4) and Elk Grove Park (6) will be graded and leveled prior to the start of the spring season. 
  • The restroom floors at Bartholomew Sports Park (2) and Elk Grove Park (5) will be resealed.  
  • Parking lots and one-third of the roads at Elk Grove Park (3) and parking lots at Bartholomew Sports Park will be sealed and striped, and curbs and gates painted.
  • The intake screens at Elk Grove Park Lake, and Camden Lake will be inspected, cleaned, and repaired if needed.
  • New benches (4) will replace benches that have reached their useful life in the Camden Creed Greenbelt. 
  • Annual aquatic weed harvesting and weir clean out of Camden Lake will be performed. 
  • Two drinking fountains will be replaced in Elk Grove Park.
  • Decomposed granite walking paths will be filled and leveled throughout Elk Grove Park.
  • Turf renovations in Elk Grove Park.
  • Annual road base maintenance at Elk Grove Park. 
  • Wooden picnic tables throughout Elk Grove Park will be refurbished.
  • Repair post and cable fence along roads and paths in Elk Grove Park.
  • Repairs will be made to the gazebo at Elk Grove Park
  • New concrete garbage cans and picnic tables will replace metal cans and benches that have reached their useful life in the Elk Grove Park Kloss Softball Complex. 
  • The roofs over the snack shack and restroom at the Elk Grove Park Kloss Softball will be renovated. 
  • The windows at the Rhoads School House will be replaced.
  • The fencing at Fox Pool in Elk Grove Park will be repaired.
  • Construction of sidewalk extension at Elk Grove Park, connecting the city sidewalk near the historic Hotel to the park sidewalks. 
  • The poured in place (PIP) playground surface at the Youth Center playground will be resealed. 
  • Awning to be replaced at the Elk Grove Park Corp Yard.  
  • Construct new retaining wall in Elk Grove Park Bike Park to support lower start ramp platform.
  • The artificial turf at Bartholomew Sports Park (4) will be replaced and annual field grooming will be performed.