Benefit Zone 12 - Laguna Stonelake

Benefit Zone Information

Benefit Zone 12 – Laguna Stonelake, benefits from 3 parks totaling 27 acres. Laguna Stonelake is fully built out with no additional parks planned. 

The Laguna Stonelake Benefit Zone offers a wide variety of experiences in 3 parks and a power line corridor open space.


Listed below are the 2018-2019 fiscal year projects staff anticipate completing. Projects are subject to change due to weather and/or unforeseen budgetary changes.

  • Softball/baseball infields will be graded and leveled. 
  • Landscape renovations to replace missing or poor performing plants. 
  • Ten garbage cans will replaced at Nottoli Park.
  • Restroom floor at Nottoli Park will be resealed.
  • Decomposed granite walking paths will be filled and leveled at Nottoli Park. 
  • Sidewalks will be repaired or replaced throughout the zone.
  • The parking lot will be sealed and striped, and curbs painted at Nottoli Park.
  • One irrigation pump enclosure will be rebuilt. 
  • One stainless steel SMUD meter box will be replaced.
  • One irrigation system will be renovated. 

Parks in Benefit Zone 12

Benefit Zone 12 Map

Benefit Zone 12 Map - Stonelake