Partner Duties

As a Partner for Parks, your duties include inspecting your park and reporting the following items to Park Operations staff.

Safety Issues or Property Damage

Can someone potentially get hurt by anything in the Park? If it looks like it may hurt someone, please report it.
  • Playground and exercise equipment 
  • Broken or loose equipment
  • Fall surface holes
  • Sidewalk lifts
  • Holes (turf, irrigation box lids off, drainage inlet cover missing, etc.)
  • Broken glass
  • Graffiti

Tree Problems

  • Dead or dying limbs; broken, hanging or on ground.
  • Street signs/lights blocked or off.
  • Low hanging limbs (you have to duck to avoid limbs).

Sprinkler Issues

  • Broken
  • Leaking 
  • Running longer than usual. 

Landscape Issue

  • Dead/Dying
  • Overgrown/Weeds


  • Overflowing garbage can 
  • Litter issue

Dog Stations

  • Out of bags
  • In need of repair

Park Lights

  • On during day
  • Not working/flickering

How to Report Park Maintenance Issues

A great report includes specific information such as pictures, bench locations, light pole numbers, location of sprinklers, etc. Include your contact information and state you are a Partner for Parks. This will allow the program coordinator to follow up with you, especially for ongoing issues or questions. 

If you are unsure if CSD is responsible for an area with a maintenance issue, call our hotline and report it anyways. We will determine who owns the property and forward the work request to the correct person. Staff will follow up with you to inform you of the outcome.