Toy and Game Safety

  • Before shopping for toys, consider the child's age, interests and abilities. 
  • Always read labels and look for age ranges and safety warnings for the toy. 
  • Children under age 3 put things into their mouths and can choke. Be careful with small balls and parts. 
  • Red assembly instructions and keep them in case you have questions. Complete warranty cards. 
  • Remove and throw away the packaging from the toy before giving to a baby or small child. 
  • Always supervise children while they play to avoid injury.
  • Keep toys from older children away from younger children. Toys for older children are inappropriate for younger children.
  • Join in your child's play. This adds to their fun and development.
Storage and Maintenance
  • Teach children to put toys away after playing.
  • Check old and new toys regularly for damage such as sharp edges or loose small parts. 
  • Store toys for older and younger children separately. Safe storage prevents falls and other injuries. 
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