Good Sprinkler
The CSD Park Operations Division is the steward of over 937 acres of irrigated parks, corridors, and trails. Our goal is to provide efficient landscape maintenance while protecting water resources.

The CSD uses a Computer Irrigation Control System to reduce water usage. We have five full time staff, additional part time staff and multiple contracted staff dedicated to checking irrigation and fixing problems, but we need your help.

Help the CSD to water less. If you see an irrigation problem in CSD landscape, contact us at 916-405-5688. 

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Since 2003, Sacramento County Water Agency (SCWA) has provided recycled water in the Laguna West, Lakeside, and Stonelake communities. The CSD uses this water for irrigation purposes, thereby conserving and extending the life of our precious drinking water resources. Read More

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The CSD manages over 937 acres of irrigated landscape with a dedicated staff and a host of contract workers. You can spot our team wearing a bright-colored safety vest in your local park or streetscape. Read More