Administration Division

The Administrative Section of the Fire Department is comprised of the Fire Chief, the Deputy Chief of Administration and Support Services, the Administrative Battalion Chief, the Senior Management Analyst, Assistant to the Fire Chief, Administrative Assistant, Logistics Technician, and part-time Logistics Courier.  The Fire Chief is responsible for the following major functions: 1) executive management; 2) Board relations; 3) Labor relations; 4) budget priorities; 5) strategic and master planning; 6) policy issues; 7) media relations; 8) external influences; and 9) Department accountability.

 The Administrative Battalion Chief is responsible for the operational component of capital facilities and other specialized duties as assigned by the Fire Chief.  The Administrative Battalion Chief has support responsibilities for the Fire Chief and the Deputy Fire Chief.

The job duties of the Senior Management Analyst include capital project management, budget preparation and maintenance, grant writing and maintenance, fee preparation and collection, purchasing and accounts payable, and other assorted business related practices within the Fire Department.

Fire Chief Michael W. McLaughlin

Fire Chief Mike McLaughlin