Sports Complex

Sports complexes at Community Parks, Regional Parks, and stand‐alone Sports Complexes are developed to provide 4 to 16 fields or courts in 1 setting. A sports complex may also support extreme sports facilities, such as BMX and skateboarding. Sports Complexes can be single focused or multi‐focused and can include indoor or outdoor facilities to serve the needs of both youth and adults. Outdoor fields should be lighted to maximize value and productivity of the complex. Agencies developing sports complexes focus on meeting the needs of residents while also attracting sport tournaments for economic purposes to the community.

Field Design

Sport field design includes appropriate field distances for each sport’s governing body and support amenities designed to produce revenue to offset operational costs. CSD Park Planning staff has received input from a variety of user groups including the Elk Grove Youth Sports Association (EGYSA) and identified Sport Field amenities in Appendix A - Sport Field Amenities (PDF). Signature sports complexes include enhanced amenities such as artificial turf, multipurpose field benches and bleachers, scoreboards, amplified sound, and scorer’s booths. Enhanced amenities would be identified through discussion between CSD Planning Staff with EGYSA and dependent upon adequate funding.


  • Size of park: Preferably 40 or more acres for stand‐alone complexes
  • Service radius: Determined by community demand
  • Site Selection: Stand‐alone sports complexes are strategically located on or near arterial streets. Refer to community or regional park sections if sport complex located within a park. Preference is streets on 4 sides, or 3 sides with school or municipal use on fourth side.
  • Length of stay: 2 to 3 hours experience for single activities. Can be all day for tournaments or special events
  • Amenities: 4 to 16 fields or sports courts in 1 setting; public restrooms, ample parking, turf types appropriate for the facility and anticipated usage, and field lighting. Amenities are ADA compliant. See details in Sport Complex section and Appendix A - Sport Field Amenities (PDF) for more information
  • Revenue facilities: 4 or more (e.g. fields, concession stand, picnic pavilion)
  • Land usage: 95% active and 5% passive
  • Programming: Focus on active programming of all amenities
  • Parking: Sufficient to support the amenities. Traffic calming devices encouraged within and next to park
  • Lighting: Security and amenity. Lighting on dual system with 50% of lights off at a set time and 50% on all night for security
  • Signage: Directional signage and facility/amenity regulations to enhance user experience. May include kiosks in easily identified areas of the facility