Plan Review

Rolls of blueprints.

Plan Submittal Requirements

2 complete sets of plans are required for each plan submittal. Plans must be stamped and wet-signed by the architect or engineer of record.

Turnaround Time

The standard turnaround time for plan review of first submittals is 15 business days. The standard turnaround time for review of second and subsequent submittals is 10 business days. All plans are reviewed in the order of the date received.


All plan check fees are due at the time plans are submitted for review. A copy of the fee schedule can be found below.

Plan Check Fee Schedule

Plan Review Documents

  1. Address Information Agreement (PDF)
  2. Architectural Plan Submittal Requirements (PDF)
  3. Basic Inspection Schedule (PDF)
  4. Christmas Tree Lot Requirements (PDF)
  5. Civil Plan Submittal Requirements (PDF)
  6. Conditions of Approval (PDF)
  7. Digital Submittal Requirements (PDF)
  8. Directory Board Addressing Standards (PDF)
  9. Dwelling Construction Requirements (PDF)
  10. Emergency Access Gates and Barriers (PDF)
  11. Emergency Access Gates and Barriers Simplified (PDF)
  12. Final Occupancy Checklist (PDF)
  13. Fire Alarm Acceptance Checklist (PDF)
  14. Fire Alarm Acceptance Testing Checklist (PDF)
  15. Fire Code Appeals Guidelines (PDF)
  16. Fire Control Room Design Standard (PDF)
  17. Fire Department Turnaround Standard (PDF)
  18. Fire Riser and Bollard Details (PDF)
  19. Food Booth and Vendor Regulations
  20. General Contractor Handout (PDF)
  21. High Piled Rack and Storage Plan Submittal Requirements (PDF)
  22. Knox Box Ordering Instructions (PDF)
  23. Large Family Day Care (PDF)
  24. Model Home Standard (PDF)
  25. Plan Review Expedite Request Form (PDF)
  26. Plan Review Submittal Application (PDF)
  27. Relocatable Buildings On School Sites Handout (PDF)
  28. Residential Care Facility (PDF)
  29. Residential Single Family Dwelling Requirements (PDF)
  30. Residential Sprinklers Supplied by Pumps (PDF)
  31. Residential Standard Civil Engineering Comments (PDF)
  32. Residential Subdivision Inspection Checklist (PDF)
  33. Sample Chemical Inventory (PDF)
  34. Special Event Application
  35. Special Event Coordinator Information
  36. Standard Commercial Civil Engineering Comments (PDF)
  37. Standard Subdivision Civil Engineering Comments (PDF)
  38. Turnaround Standard (PDF)