Jerry Fox Swim Center

The Jerry Fox Swim Center is a seasonal facility that offers the CSD award winning swim lesson program and provides opportunity to laugh, splash, and play during public recreation swim. Located inside Elk Grove Park and surrounded by oak trees and plenty of shade, the swim center is home to a 140 foot water slide called Clyde's Plunge. The swimming pool is a 6 lane by 25-yard pool that ranges from 3 to 6 feet in depth with a maximum occupancy of 150 people. Maintenance of the aquatic complex is done by certified operators that take pride in maintaining clean and safe water.

See the facility rental details for more information.

Water Safety

Water safety is very important and the CSD is proud of the young men and women that serve as lifeguards in our community. Water safety begins before you arrive at the pool so please read and review the pool rules (PDF) with your family. Age and height restrictions do apply for entry and some attraction use. Please remember that water safety and drowning prevention is a TEAM effort and not just the responsibility of the lifeguards.

Pool & Clyde's Plunge Waterslide Rules

  • No diving
  • No swimming in the water slide catch pool
  • No walking on the dividing wall between the main pool and water-slide pool.
  • You must be at least 42 inches tall to ride this slide.
  • Operational weight limit: 1 person, 200 lbs.
  • Please enter the slide in a sitting position.
  • You must ride feet first, sitting down or lying flat on your back.
  • Arms and hands must remain insdie the slide at all times.
  • Stopping on the slide is not permitted.
  • Only 1 rider at a time.
  • Swimwear with zippers, buckles, rivets, or metal is not permitted.
  • Leave the slide pool quickly and orderly at designated exit.
  • Caution: Pregnant women and patrons with heart conditions are not allowed on the slide.
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Clyde's Cave

Clyde's Cave serves up cold treats and food. See a menu of items served (PDF).

Season of Operation

The season for the center is May through August for swim lessons, recreation swim, and pool rentals.

Program Registration & Rentals

See our Activity Guide for the latest classes. Register online, in person or call and speak to our staff at 916-405-5600.
Temporary Pool Closure: Contamination, Weather, and Electrical Outage
The Cosumnes CSD takes great pride in providing a safe and clean facility for all of our guests to enjoy. In the event of pool contamination, staff will close the affected pool while folling CA Code of Regulations Title 22: Chapter 20 for Swimming Pools with contamination response that will last 30-50 minutes.

Weather is unpredictable and should severe weather threaten the safety of guests and staff during scheduled program hours, the pool will be closed for minimum of 30 minutes and will reopen when deemed safe to operate. In the event of a black out, the pool will be closed until electricity is reestablished and filtration & chemical systems are confirmed to be operational.

Refunds will not be provided for these unforeseen occurrences. If you have any questions about our Temporary Pool Closure procedures, please contact the Cosumnes CSD at (916) 405-5600.