Youth Firesetting

A collage of 3 images - a burned playground, a young girl with a match, a young boy over a campfire.
Youth firesetting must be viewed as a community problem, and as such, it deserves community-wide attention.

Lawrence Park Playground Arson Fire
An arson fire was set at Lawrence Park Playground at approximately 6:30 p. m. on May 12, 2013. Playground equipment was set on fire and burned to the ground requiring complete replacement.

This is a significant loss to the community and it will take 12-18 months before a new playground can be reconstructed.

A Working Network is Critical
Although fire departments may take the lead role in developing programs for youth firesetters, their efforts alone will not resolve the problem. It is crucial that a working network be established between the various community agencies capable of helping youth firesetters and their families.

Schools, fire service, law enforcement, youth justice and mental health organizations must all establish open communication channels with one another so that an organized effort is mounted to reduce youth involvement in firesetting and arson related incidents.

Youth Firesetting Program Goal

The primary goal of the Cosumnes Fire Department Youth Firesetter Intervention Program is to identify children at risk of participating in firesetting incidents and provide intervention in an attempt to stop the firesetting behavior.

Program Cost & Eligibility
The program is offered free of charge, to any child between the ages of 3-17, within the City of Elk Grove and Galt.

Program Lessons
The lessons include:
  • Attitudes
  • Burn injuries
  • Consequences of firesetting
  • Fire safety education
  • Fire science
  • Firefighters Burn Institute Youth Firesetter Academy
Parent Education
The program also provides parent education on home fire safety, the California Arson and Fireworks Laws, and the seriousness of youth firesetting.

More Information
For more information please contact Fire Inspector Matt Flint at 916-405-7128 or Public Education Officer Brittany Lemon at 916-405-7114.

In Partnership with the Firefighter Burn Institute Youth Firesetter Program.