Trauma Teddy Program

A group of students line up in front of a fire engine as firefighters hold teddy bears.
How It Began
The Trauma Teddy program has been in operation for over 15 years. It was started by fire department personnel looking for a way to help children and families in our community cope with traumatic circumstances.

What It Is
Supplies of bears are kept on fire engines and ambulances and distributed to children, and in some cases teens, seniors or adults, who are involved in or witness traumatic emergencies such as fire scenes, medical aids or other emergencies.

Donations Accepted Year Round
Donations of new (unused) bears are accepted year round at all 8 Cosumnes Fire stations and our Fire Administration Building.

Why We Use Teddy Bears
Teddy bears are chosen because like our young patients, they have two arms and two legs. Sometimes it is easier to show paramedics where you hurt on a teddy bear than try to put the words together when you are scared, still learning a new language, or just learning to speak at all.

Benefits of Teddy Bears
Our personnel attest that, in many cases, the cute and cuddly animals provided through this program help soothe and calm patients, victims, or the children of patients or victims.