Playground Safety

Elk Grove is fortunate to have an abundance of playgrounds for youth activity. The Cosumnes Community Services District (CCSD) maintains 120 playgrounds at 81 different parks.

To ensure the playgrounds are safe, the CCSD conducts both high frequency and low frequency inspections.
A child swings in an empty playground.
High Frequency Playground Inspections
High frequency playground inspections occur monthly by trained CCSD staff. A typical 10-minute inspection includes a visible scan of the playground, verification that safety surfacing is in good condition, and looking for evidence of significant problems.

Any identified problems are scheduled for repairs. Equipment may be closed off if it is not safe to use. CCSD staff spends an average of 100 hours each month on inspections, repairs, and documentation.

Low Frequency Playground Inspections

Low frequency playground inspections occur annually by an outside firm with additional playground safety expertise and certification. Each playground receives a thorough 60 minute inspection.

The inspector inspects the following: 
  • Checks footings
  • Checks for entanglement hazards
  • Ensures no crush hazards are present
  • Evaluates Guardrails
  • Examines S-hooks on Swings
  • Verifies that bounded openings are in compliance
A complete report is filed with the CCSD and any hazardous situations are scheduled for repair.

Reporting Issues
The community can be confident that the CCSD is actively monitoring playground equipment safety. We also rely on the community to contact us if they see playground vandalism or a playground safety issue. Please report any issues to the CCSD Park Maintenance Hotline, 916-405-5688.