Apartment & Condo Fire Safety

A fire consumes an apartment building.
Responsibility for the fire safety of your building lies with each and every resident. That's why it is so important that you plan together to keep your building as fire safe as possible and learn the right thing to do should fire break out. The first place to start is to learn the facts.

Apartment & Condo Fire Safety Facts

  • Most residential fires occur at night when condos and apartments are most heavily populated.
  • Smoking is the #1 cause of all fatal apartment fires. And, nearly a third of them are caused by someone smoking in bed.
Be Prepared! Plan Ahead for Everyone's Safety!
Meet with your landlord or building manager to devise fire safety plans for your building. As part of your group planning, explore your building. Know every possible exit, including exits from laundry, storage, and recreation rooms. If hallways become smoky in a fire, your memory can help you find a way out. Remember never to use elevators in a fire. Keep exit and stairwell doors closed at all times, but not locked. And, keep exits clear of debris and storage.

Focus on these 4 key elements in your fire safety plan: prevention, detection, escape planning and practice, and fire department notification.