2003 - 2010

2003 Chief Meaker Retired
Chief Meaker served as Elk Grove Fire Chief until his retirement in 2003. Deputy Chief Keith Grueneberg, a veteran of the California fire service with over 35 years of experience, was promoted to Fire Chief upon Meaker's retirement.

2004 William Perry Schulze Fire Training Opened
The William Perry Schulze Fire Training opened in May 2004. Situated in Elk Grove’s light industrial district at 10573 East Stockton Boulevard, the four acre facility offers state-of-the-art firefighting and rescue amenities. The facility provides a comprehensive training experience for the Department personnel. Neighboring fire departments and law enforcement agencies also use the facility for training drills and statewide certification classes are routinely conducted here.

2004 Staff Expansion
The District hired 16 new firefighters in 2004 to man the first separately staffed truck company. Fire Station 74 was remodeled to house this expanded crew and was re-dedicated in 2005.

2005 Station 72 Relocated
Station 72, in the Franklin area, was relocated in 2005 to 10035 Atkins Drive to better serve the community and the many new homes in the area. In 2006, 11 new firefighters were hired to staff the District’s fourth ambulance, stationed at Station 72. The new firefighters were all paramedics who chose to come to work for Elk Grove Fire from other fire departments.

2006 Steven J. Foster New Fire Chief
In 2006 Steven J. Foster, who previously served as Fire Marshal and Deputy Chief of Support Services for the Department, succeeded Keith Grueneberg as Fire Chief. A merger between the Elk Grove Community Services District and the Galt Fire Protection District resulted in the creation of the Cosumnes Community Services District (CSD). This change expanded the delivery of fire protection and emergency medical services to the cities of Elk Grove and Galt and the unincorporated south Sacramento County areas – to a total of approximately 157 square miles.

The two fire stations from the Galt Fire Protection District remain in service. Station 45 is located in Galt’s historic district at 229 - 5th Street. Station 46 is located in the northwestern area of Galt at 1050 Walnut Avenue, next to Galt Community Park.

2007 Staff Expansion
In 2007, a group of 17 new firefighters were hired. The 2007 academy members were the first hired as Cosumnes firefighters, beginning a new era of personnel serving both Elk Grove and Galt. Also in 2007, the Special Operations Division was formed. This division oversees the specialized rescue, hazardous materials, and disaster preparedness needs for the Cosumnes Fire Department.
Three new firefighters were hired in 2008.

2010 Fired Administration & Fleet Facilities Opened
In April 2010, Cosumnes Fire opened the new fire administration and fleet maintenance facilities. These are adjacent to the existing William Perry Schulze Training Center. The 22,357-square-foot Marty Fischlin Fleet Maintenance building is state of the art and designed to meet the needs of the Department well into the future. The 7,077-square-foot annex building serves as the Department's Headquarters, and includes the offices for the Fire Chief and administrative staff, as well as space for the Keith M. Grueneberg Temporary Fire Station 78.

2010 Tracey M. Hansen New Fire Chief
In June 2010, Tracey M. Hansen, a 17-year veteran of the Cosumnes Fire Department, became the new Fire Chief, upon the retirement of Chief Steve Foster. Chief Hansen began her career as a paramedic, and promoted through the ranks to Engineer, Captain, EMS Captain, Battalion Chief, Deputy Fire Chief of Administration and Support, and Deputy Chief of Operations. Hansen named John Michelini as her Deputy Chief of Operations.

As they have done for more than 100 years, the men and women of the Cosumnes Fire Department maintain their commitment to providing extraordinary service through prevention, preparedness, and emergency response to our community.