The budget is prepared annually in accordance with the District Mission and Goals, and adherence to the General Fund allocations within the District’s five-year financial projection. The budget provides an overview of the operating budget for the District as a whole, as well as a breakdown of the three departments: Administrative Services, Fire, and Parks and Recreation.
Fiscal Year 2019-20 Final Budget Cover Sheets with photo of playground, fire personnel

​​Park Operations Budget

The Landscape and Lighting Assessment District (L&L) budget funds maintenance of 1,000 acres of parks, corridors, and trails. Maintenance occurs in 18 benefit zones and in district-wide facilities including Elk Grove Park, Bartholomew Sports Park, and Camden Creek Greenbelt. Assessments are a separate funding source from the General Fund and ensures landscape maintenance dose not impact CSD Fire Department, administration or recreation services.

Appropriation Limits Report