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Posted on: March 23, 2017

Keep Your Young Athlete Healthy

With spring and summer sports right around the corner, National Youth Sports Safety Month is a good reminder to parents of young athletes. If your child is involved in sports, educate yourself about the risk of injuries, especially concussions and other injuries that are associated with your child's chosen sport.

Teaching good sportsmanship, healthy habits and recognizing signs and symptoms of injuries can impact a child’s sports-playing experience. These lessons will carry from pee wee teams to collegiate sports and beyond.

Here are 7 tips to keep your young athletes healthy and safe this season:

  • Know the signs of heat rash as the weather continues to warm up
  • Encourage hydration while sitting on the sidelines and during timeouts
  • Understand the warning signs of a concussion, broken bone or other injuries
  • Nurture proper nutrition habits and offer healthy snacks
  • Have your children learn proper warm-up and stretching techniques
  • Ensure adequate time for rest and relaxation

The CSD makes safety a top priority for youth sports programs and strives for all staff, coaches and participants to be aware of the best practices to avoid injuries. For more tips on injury prevention, visit

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