Message from the Fire Chief

On behalf of the men and women of the Cosumnes Fire Department, welcome to our website.  The Cosumnes Fire Department is the result of two past mergers.  The first was between the Elk Grove Fire District and the Elk Grove Parks District in 1985 and the other with the Elk Grove Community Services District and the Galt Fire Protection District in late 2006.  The District is named after the Cosumnes River.  This river flows between the former Elk Grove Fire Department and the Galt Fire Protection District.  Our name is frequently misspelled and often mispronounced.  It is pronounced ko-SUE-meez, using the -umne suffix meaning "people of" as well as the cos- prefix meaning "salmon" or "fish"

The Department has deep roots in the area dating back to 1893 (Elk Grove) and 1921 (Galt).  The Cosumnes Fire Department has grown from a humble volunteer fire department with limited resources, to a thriving department serving the growing cities of Elk Grove and Galt, as well as some of the unincorporated southern Sacramento County area.  

Over 160 professionals are here to serve you in a variety of ways.  Of course we respond to emergencies in our fire apparatus, ambulances, and specialty apparatus located in eight stations strategically located throughout our district, but we also provide an array of other services.  We encourage you to explore the many services provided by exploring our website and getting to know us better.  

We strive for excellent customer service every day.  In fact, we recently modified our Mission Statement to read, “The men and women of the Cosumnes Fire Department strive to exceed expectations at all times.”  Customer service is the very foundation of our services and has been for over 100 years.  To that end, we have provided you with a host of services you can explore on this website.  Through this website you can purchase a burn permit, learn more about our weed abatement program, find public education information to reduce your chances of fire or injury/illness, or get contact information to schedule a car seat inspection or station tour.  You can also find key documents like our Strategic Plan and budgets.  You can also find all of our station locations and see the kinds of apparatus, ambulance units, and specialty equipment we deploy.

We are here to serve you and hope that you will take the time to get to know us.  Consider following us on Twitter @Cosumnesfire, on Instagram, or liking us on Facebook.  We routinely use social media to keep you updated on the business of the department and provide helpful educational nuggets to keep you safe.  Of course, if you have any questions or concerns you may contact us at our Fire Headquarters located at 10573 East Stockton Blvd. in Elk Grove, CA or call us at 916-405-7100.  

Have a safe and pleasant day.


Tracey Hansen
Fire Chief